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My name is Brett Puffinburger. I have an amazing wife and five beautiful kids. My hobbies include baseball/softball, video games, anime/manga, and, of course, writing. I have always loved to write, whether it be song lyrics, poems, or books. I love letting my imagination run wild with the characters I create. I have always wanted my writing to have an adult fantasy setting but with anime-type characters. Magic, Romance, and fantasy creatures are my favorite aspects of creating a whole new world.

I hope you enjoy the figments of my imagination that I have all beautifully put together to create adventurous and mysterious books for all my readers.

Flames of Destiny

About The Book

Princess Evangeline is about to face the biggest hurdle of her life: arranged marriage. But two traumatic events change her destiny forever, and not only hers. A mysterious boy with but a letter for a name has been forced to face her obstacles with her. This is the first story in a series with two people from very different backgrounds facing destiny together.

No Matter Where You Are, Destiny Will Always Catch Up

There is a reason people believe in destiny. It has a mystical way of pushing you where you are meant to be and helps you find things sometimes you don’t know you need in your life, making your faith in it stronger. An almost magical thing about destiny is that it does not give up on you, even when you do! Such is the strength of the Flames of Destiny!

Bringing an absolute treat to the fans of destiny is Brett Puffinburger’s Flames of Destiny, an incredible destiny story book that makes your belief in it almost unshakable. The heartwarming story, with its share of oohs and ahhs, will be one of the best high fantasy books of all time that you will come across.

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Sometimes Unknown Paths Can Lead To Beautiful Destinations

With faith in predestination, even uncertain paths seem less dangerous. You walk the course knowing you will reach a place you are supposed to with more determination and belief in your abilities. Your faith gives you the strength to battle the hardships that befall you. Brett Puffinburger has penned an incredible destiny story book that combines the magic of love to produce one of the best fantasy series you will instantly fall in love with.

Fantasy books have a charming effect on the readers who find contentment, hope, and bliss that the world of fantasy offers, making even the impossible possible. Flames of Destiny is a destiny story book that has an undeniable charm that will make everything around you fade as you lose yourself in the beautiful words by Brett.

You Can Have Your Own Fairytale

Flames of Destiny is a testament that each one of you can have your own fairytale and that everything is possible. However, destiny does not hand you over everything on a silver plate. It sure does lend you a hand and signals you often, but it does make you fight for the things it wants you to keep. It does so to make your value the things you get, even if it wanted you to have them in the first place.

The books about magic and love allow you to spread your wings and fly in the sky of possibilities. They push you to create a fairytale for yourself. The best magic books fill you with the optimism that you will feel in your life and your actions, making everything around you as beautiful as you imagine. With the right attitude comes the power to reach the unreachable. If you are looking for magic books to read, you are at the right place.

Brett Puffinburger’s Flames of Destiny – one of the best books on magic brings the exciting and adventurous story of princess Evangeline, who is about to face the biggest hurdle of her life: an arranged marriage. But who knew she was to encounter two traumatic events that changed her destiny forever, and not just only hers. A mysterious boy with a letter for a name has been forced to be her companion on her eventful journey. So get ready for an exciting ride to the fantasy world where two people from two very different backgrounds face destiny together by reading one of the incredibly mysterious books – ‘Flames of Destiny’.

Flames of Destiny is one of the best adventure books to read as it satisfies the readers, giving them the pleasure of reading books on magic, mysterious books, and light romance book – all in one!


Love is associated with magic because reason fails where love begins. It’s a mystery no one has ever been able to solve. Something that has encouraged me to write this incredible light romance book that has a mix of adventure and the lure of destiny for the readers. I myself am a fan of love, fantasy, and mystery, which you will notice in my books as well. ‘Flames of Destiny’ is one of the best high fantasy books to satisfy your reading cravings. If you are looking for the best magic books to read, you know where to begin!

The next book will be soon out, and I hope it is received with as much love as the flames of destiny. I hope to send more best books on magic 2023 your way soon.

Best high fantasy books are the perfect way to escape reality. It fills you with hope and happiness and allows you to believe that anything is possible. Also, the optimism that fantasy books fill you with brings changes to your life too.

To be able to feel love you have to be open and accepting. You have to be welcoming to this undemanding and blissful feeling, growth within its shade because growth is magic!

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